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Experts network NGO

building the infrastructure

for the sustainable Mission

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

BGM for Global Harmony

Chance for Better Future

BGM for Global Harmony

The mission of the BGM movement is to inspire young people to engage in projects on global mission fields, utilizing their vision and talents to contribute to the creation of a harmonious world.

Chance Makers

Chance Makers is currently providing scholarships, public health support for girls, and vocational training to students in the Kibera slum area of Kenya.

Peace Makers

Peace Makers is going to participate in a project for Ukrainian refugees(in Poland) in the summer of 2024.

In 2025, we will be involved in trauma healing and reconstruction in conflict areas in the Karen people(in Thailand).


Green Makers

Green Makers will participate in installing solar facilities in an indigenous village in Ensenada, Mexico, in the summer of 2024.

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for sustainable Mission

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